Laundry on the Move

Design Problem:

Keeping in mind that a backpacker would rather wash his own clothes and save some money over time to be better spent on less mundane activities, there should be a mechanism to store, wash and dry the laundry while on the move by using time efficiently.

For the occasional or short-term traveler, doing laundry while traveling isn’t really an issue. But for a long-term backpacker it is often difficult to find a place to wash and dry clothes while on the move. After washing, wet laundry is a problem, specially in humid regions, as they take time to dry and start to smell which eventually needs to be re-washed.


A short survey was conducted to look into the various laundry problems travelers face while on the move and whether it can be ignored or solved in an effective manner. The survey mostly included backpackers and budget travelers from across the globe, to gain a more empathetic understanding

Define and Ideate

Some common ways of washing and drying laundry have been listed out below from the various responses collected.

Common ways of washing:

• Carry more inner-wear & socks.
• Dry while going for sleep.
• Wash in sink or while taking shower.
• Use hand wash
• Use drain plug
• Wash only underarm area of the shirt
• Wash underwear while taking shower
• Wash by the streams
• Use Bronners soap
• Find a laundromat

Common ways of drying:

• Minimal washing for quick drying
• Wrap in plastic bag and carry
• Air dry/hair dryer
• Washing line
• Sling it to backpack
• Carry quick-drying clothes
• Wear wet clothes and let it dry on the way

Concept Sketch
Concept Sketch



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