DikshitA guy with a passion for all things creative who loves Art, Photography, Science, Music and Travel.

Completed Master of Design specialized in Visual Design from Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad.

Exploration is a funny word in this generation. While I feel that most of the great exploration has been done; oceans explored, mountains climbed and waves surfed; there are still discoveries out there to be found which mankind might not have the slightest idea about. But I’ve realized in these times, the spirit of exploration is mostly an internal journey. To realize what you care about the most in life, what you are willing to suffer for, what defines you and ultimately what gets you out of bed in the morning. At least for me, the deepest journeys we ever take are the internal ones.
I’ve definitely not yet reached that state of realization and exploration. But I would love to share and exchange stories, thoughts, experiences and everything in between visually, hoping to touch other lives and make an impact while constantly being in a state of learning and gaining experiences myself.
This is my part. Come follow me!